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Ed Sheeran - The City Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: scorcher]
hey, look, it's funny how the city where the queen sleeps still ain't got clean streets
but there ain't a day when she ain't got clean sheets
and homeless people roll with needles
and you've gotta pay tax when you own a vehicle
tube fare doubles up every two years
and the buses upstairs is a no-go area
the man are like “p-ss me your mobile, hear me now”
and chew the crunch on the credit
you can't get a roof over your head, you're stuck in the debit
but every single month they come for the debit
direct action, if you don't play they
dive in, sn-tch things and they don't say
now the crib's vacant, victim of inflation
the black letters turn red cause they've been patient
and that six years' rent has just been wasted, wasted, wasted

[hook: ed sheeran]
london calls me a stranger, a traveller
this is now my home, my home
i'm burning on the back street
stuck here sitting in the backseat
i'm blazing on the street
what i do isn't up to you
if the city never sleeps then that makes two

[bridge: ed sheeran]
and my lungs hurt and my ears bled
with the sound of the city life echoed in my head
do i need this to keep me alive?
the traffic stops and starts but i need to move along

[verse 2: scorcher]
hey, look, i'm from a city full of jammed up traffic, night buses
all-night clubbers, kings cross to all-night lovers
that knew when to pay rent and stay in their apartment
talented buskers playing that guitar riff
the church pastor's still praying for answers
way too much congestion, they're charging
way too much for petrol, i'm laughing
but there ain't no funny side
it's like winter all year, there ain't no summer time
stone island jacket, keep warm
and all phone lines are tapped, you've been warned
and also mind the gap and keep calm
cause one wrong move on the train, big beard
and it's gunshots, two in your brain, it's weird
so as much as i'm in love with this city
just maybe i've had enough of the city


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