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Ed Sheeran - Diary MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
your love is the strongest thing i know
i reckon it's been doing weights
eating raw eggs in its cereal
and running ten miles a day
and your love has a driving ban
from trying to steer intoxicated with another love inside her hands
and your love is a friend of mine
so we'll take it care tonight

if you could only say the words
i'd take it and i'd write it down
and hold it deep inside of me
until the day you found me out
but i know your love
and that's why

i could be your diary
baby if you open me up
keep it inside me
i'll give you the world
just give me the words
and i could be your diary
baby if you open me up
keep it inside me
i'll give you the world
just give me the words

[verse 2]
and your love
has never been my enemy
used to hold me
and promise it would never leave
never been better since all the therapy
to read the words between the lines
and take away my melody
and your love
told me it was turning to a different page
and you know, if i let you go
i'll still keep you safe



[verse 3]
you are the one i fall asleep with
but never wake up to
cause work is something you must do
i trust you like you trust me
it must mean true love
it does exactly what it says on the tin
let me begin
you are the one i watch the movies with
for recognizing my love for kiera knightley for what it truly is
just an excuse so i don't have to watch love actually again
but you're actually the same
it's just to spite me
and we eat ice-cream with fishes in it
until the dishes finished
playing computer games although i know i'll never win it
i tried to make tea once for you in bed
but all i did was spill it
so you made it for me instead
let me in bed
if you get in ahead of me
it's better to do
yeah, love is ahead of the truth
but in love
we are better in two
i'll be the newcomer
stuck in heaven with the devil in you


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