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Dreamdoll - Different Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ayo ock, let me get a chopped cheese before i smack the sh~t outta you

it's dream lil' b~tch, i know you mad as h~ll (dream, dream)
drip going crazy, louis jacket, and the bag chanel (whew)
amazon p~ssy, i ain't f~cking with no average mail
dream still getting old chips like the bag is stale
n~ggas i'ma never f~ck, asking if my ass is real
p~ssy game different as f~ck, and he ain't tripping once
i'm a freak b~tch, i need to feel his d~ck in my gut
f~ck being boo'd up, come spit in my b~tt
real nasty when i f~ck 'em, i'm on demon time
brand new urus, let him eat it whilе my seat recline (skrrt, skrrt)
couplе rich n~ggas, it's a few i had to leave behind
lately i've been weighing all my options like a libra sign (baow)
n~ggas think because my name is dream, i should sleep wit' 'em
water on the wrist, let the diamonds just sink in 'em (baow)
let a n~gga ever try to play me if i link wit' 'em
forty~two shots, and i ain't tryna have a drink wit' 'em
i'm the goat of this sh~t, thought i told you and sh~t (uh)
this a different type of p~ssy, put your throat to this sh~t
bars crazy but you know i had to show them the sh~t
no lamar, i'm just feeling like i owed 'em this sh~t
f~ck dreamdoll looking like f~cking the help? (uh uh)
i'm a millionaire, i need to be f~cking myself (mm)
i got big birkins up on my shelf
i get the bread, get the head, then i leave, n~gga f~ck what he felt (no cap)
this a big body benz, not a pathfinder (ayy)
that's a couple digits ‘fore you see the last comma
never been a broke b~tch but trust me now my cash longer
i done seen n~ggas come back more than bad karma
telling me “this p~ssy so different, ass so different”
so good make your n~gga go missing
i just only want the head, no kissing
i could have any n~gga, your's no different
i, so different, ass so different
mm good, make a n~gga go missing
l!ck l!ck on my kit like a clinton
i could have your n~ggas, no, no different (dream)
i said dream

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