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to be completed live while on beats 1

[zane lowe + drake]
this is the heart now of ovo sound, here in toronto, ovo house based in toronto. uhm…it's 40's spot, where the music gets made

40's…what do they call it, like a brain child, brain child? this is 40's creation from the ground up…i mean i was here, man, when there were no walls. here when there was no…not even a hint of a studio, or any…and uhm, he saw it through to the end. i mean, incredible execution on a vision that he had from the very…very early on. i know he's always…he's always enjoyed living in the same sp-ce that he works in. so he's been able to build this…build this complex that we utilize to get the job done, yeah.

when you walked in here for this first time, because i was thinking like….rooms you can catch a vibe pretty quick yeah and you know 40 obviously build this, you were there for the process…and when, you know, he called you in for the first session…did you, did you catch a vibe? did you record something that first night?

i was here, uhm, i was here a few times as you know…i was here when this room first started functioning and everything else wasn't built. i think….i think maybe the first…one of the first things we did here that got released was probably “back to back” ironically enough, but i think that's when we were kind of….that's how you, uh, that's how you broke the bottle on the bow? haha that was like one of the first… on that track? wow. that was like one of the first things that we actually recorded and it…and it…tangible energy from the get-go

i mean, you know, just… get it done. execution, man, just following suit. i watched 40 execute so i had to come in here and execute too, that's it. how many visitors really…i mean i know there's a lot of people in here tonight for obvious reasons, because, you know, we're tryna capture something. you know…but, uhm, you know, you know, when it's business time, how many…how many visitors generally roll through here? cause the vibe i get is you guys keep it pretty…pretty light

yeah, i don't really. i'm not really into, like, a whole bunch of people and distraction, uhm…i have, you know, i have respect for everybody and their craft in whatever they do. so i expect the same thing in here, when people come in here i don't want a bunch of hustle and bustle, talking and…loud you know. and…and the other thing that's tough when you invite people in the studio…they're obviously coming to watch something happen. right

and…and it doesn't always happen every night. you know…it's not like every night is some magic moment, you know. there's nights of frustration, there's nights of nothingness, there's night of just…you know, uh…these little tactical, uh, things. a clinical . so i pretty much gauge the characters that are allowed to sit here. i don't want to notice you, and that's not offensive

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