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Drake - Resolution Diss Track MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ah nah
free smoke

verse 1
me niko 40
not even close to forty
you closer to fiity
whats why you opended 40 40
ima young money an ovo soulja
cause if you ain't been platinum then you ain't met the quota ( i got em)
yea and i just met dakota
a stripper down in miami but she reside new orleans
its seems all these n-gg-s take shot at them selves
thinking im taking shots at em take a shot for your self
got f-cked up over by the stunna he thought he can help
these contracts like mangas only carta i felt
wayne protégée
hov and yay
6 god over yeezus no one over drake
soft tone for ya girl like its 09
revenge sweater for ya girl for the cold times
no ghost lines im riding in a danny phantom
memphis tennessee in me im like my daddy rapping
yea … might just quite rapping this year
just to show you n-gg-s i can k!ll acting careers
i got the most hits and -ssists raptors my team
mj rap game since the grammys are rings
trophys trophy trophys trophys yea i deserve six
red w-ng over timbs all red like a sith
gang gang gang gang torey lanez you lame
no resolution for these n-gg-s im pouring champagne

i don't know what to do now
with all these n-gg-s hating on me
lord knows i been up late nights
with all these n-gg-s hating on me

verse 2
joe budden you like joe biden
pusha t you mista t no sold alb-ms
i point the dot with the k my blood is cole n-gg-
man we been f-cking the same b-tch, go figures
two birds but you know who the stone n-gg-
riri my lady so scotty go get your own niga
seen nicki naked so milly that sh-t is old niga
turned down the rock now im really bigga than hov and jusstttt
got that drank and that indicud
yea i ain't even into cud
talking down on the boi tryna say i ain't the greatest we don't ever hear ya
in the club
top dawg and the under dawg
yea hit after hit all summer long
that let you know that im the greatest
yea im top 5 top 5 top 5 and that sh-t is undebated mayne
ovo sound bouta take your own town
arena so full it feeling like my home town
old girls calling gota keep my phone down
new n-gg-s sneakin so i work alone

i don't know what to do now
with all these n-gg-s hating on me
lord knows i been up late nights
with all these n-gg-s hating on me

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