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Drake - Organization MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: smiley_61st]
i took your b~tch on vacation
but she wanna call it baecation
i wanna know where the hate is
i do not know who the fake is
i put my shooters on payments
they pop a perc'y and prayin'
how you broke, i made money off caitlin
i was broke no one believed in me
i became what she ain't see in me
now you should see how she treating me
now she sees the g in me
she ain't leaving me
now her and her friends believe in me
even the opps they believe in me
whole gang they believe in me
i don't know what to do with me
i'm big as what i see in me
i ain't checking you n~ggas you ain't here with me
i ain't checking you n~ggas you ain't here with me

[verse 2: drake]
yeah, look
turnt this to an organization
used to have bashes down in the bas~m~nt
look at the ceiling, pink foam ventilation
now we just link up for corporate occassions
said she been f~cking with me since the hazelton
if i don't like how he's moving i'm paging 'em
hear that they dissin' back then i was raising them
n~ggas is in for the rudest awakenin'
walls are so tall i don't know who my neighbor is
baka my crodie, his songs are amazing
but i knew that n~gga when he wasn't making them
turnt this to an organization
rap á la mob, we tied up like laces
bank in bahamas you know i'm evasive
i got my money in 10 different places
gme dob joint opperations
if its a problem i'm dropping locations
or i send kaila she's very persuasive

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