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Drake - No New Friends MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i-i tell her, i tell her,
we not just any guys.
i bet they vote for a reason, no need to emphasize.
i tell patron truths, i tell you henny lies.
and you believe em all, i can see it in your eyes.
i take you down like, down like,
me without no money, that don't sound right, sound right.
i could put you on inside a town flight, and even have a driver pick you up
girl what that sound like, sound like?
i guess big, big, money, all this money.
i don't even know what to call this, honey.
takes so long just to get to the point where you're rich, and you're there
and it's all so funny.
i stunt so they could see me, and therefore they should know
they call me drizzy baby, wanna see you make it go.
she can make it go,
bring it high, bring it down, take it low, then make it go, she can make it go
starts off goin fast and then she take it slow, take it slow
she can make it…
she make it, and it sound like… (uh)
she make it, and it sound like… (hey)
she make it, and it sound like…
she make it, and it sound like.

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