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Drake - Hot 97 Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
young money till the young boy dyin' out
you hear me cryin' out
you see me ridin' out
and if your man get to stuntin'
we'll buy 'em out
cause we be livin' what these other rappers lyin' bout
drizzy drake, what
funk flex, uhh
hot 9-7, i'm so far gone

feelin' good, feelin' great, how you though?
bet you hear my name every single place that you go
sippin' on pink sh-t, but nah it ain't nuvo
slow the f down ‘fore yo -ss is on pluto
tell me what it do
i belong to the youngest grammy nominated crew
my city love me, but i got toronto haters too
that sit around and talk about
what they'd have done if they was you
but know i ball without a sphere in sight
club owners give me reasons to appear at night
and just know thatibe in the mirror like
are you listenin'? i hope you hearin' right
i'm in the aston doin' doughnuts
i will k!ll the game and never send it my condolence
taught to never love a chick and only love the moments
new york city, i can tell the people want it
uhh, what you got for me flex, uh

[verse 2]
vacuum interiors and shined wheels
what's ya life like? this how mine feels
i like my seat back, i like my wine chill
i look good, smell better, and i rhyme ill
i say i'm at these girls neck and head
you and your girl sleep in separate beds
i k!lled this, tell flex it's dead
you got birthday cake, mines weddin' tall
y'all lemon small, y'all never ball
i get the girl of your dreams and i never call
ny, i got it, i'm bout whatever y'all
yeah, 40 hears my interviews, tone it down
i'm at your girls condo gettin' shown around
yeah, why you takin' everything personal?
this that in-ya-face, all-offensive-on-purpose flow
my city, never f'n need me
yeah, oh wait no they really need me
oh wait, hold up, young f'n weezy
holla at me when you done f'n weezy

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