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Drake - Freestyle Legit MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

“yea that's the demons knockin at the door”
“but uh we waint gone let them in tho”
demons knockin at the door we don't let them in tho
but they can smell the indo im in the pool and its indoor
whats up my n-gga whats on the real doe i heard you been snitchin wit the other n-ggas wet back behind the ear b-tch n-ggas
these n-ggas be flip flop like a b-tch with mood swings im on the tip top with these b-tch n-ggas im bouta smack them off with a bat got d-mn break they jack jaw off i got a jar of the og most finest they say what you doing b-tch im tryna become the most divinest im not outlined cause they rhymes im spittin are more money than jack nine im rollin wit tech nines two of them on each side blast 9 times if a n-gga move wrong or look around to long cause i know this n-gga stallin waitin to make a move like this n-gga a bad b-tch who can't don't even got no brakes i mean i got yo b-tch by the waist and she callin me daddy she suckin my d-ck and she rollin wit me to cali leavin u up in the other side you shoulda stayed wit yo -ss on the broke as on the side low i keep goin up goin up like the low ride low ride up and down like the low ride we in cali mexicans give me half price for the tatted im in this b-tch im feelin good feelin fanstic i ain't neva mad mad to the fact that you n-ggas wish you would could thought take the sh-t that i have i got got some many cars i can pick two jags

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