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Drake - All Night Long Miss Me Demo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: drake]
i said tell me what's really goin' on
drizzy back up in this thing i'm ready, what's happenin'?
gone for surgery but now i'm back again
i'm 'bout my paper like a mothaf-ckin' scratch-and-win
world series att-tude, champagne bottle life
nothin' ever changes so tonight is like tomorrow night
i will have a model wife, your b-tch is as hot as ice
every time you see me i look like i hit the lotto twice
(drake you got 'em right?) yeah i got 'em bun
i love myself cause i swear their life is just not as fun
neeks got the weed, hush got a gun
cj's got my credit cards and a lotta ones
yeah, i'm in the city of the purple sprite
someone tell maliah i'm on fire, she should work tonight
call the king of diamonds and tell china it'd be worth the flight
i'll be at my table stackin' dollars to the perfect height
work somethin', twerk somethin' basis
she just tryna make it so she's right here gettin' naked
i don't judge her, i don't judge her but i could never love her
cause to her i'm just a rapper and soon she'll have met another
that's why me and lil jaz bout to spaz, can you keep up?
i'm just feelin' sorry for whoever got to sweep up
yeah bills everywhere, trill everythin'
and drake just stands for do right and k!ll everything
i love nicki minaj, i told her i'd admit it
i hope one day we get married just to say we f-ckin' did it
and girl i'm f-ckin' serious i'm with it if you with it
cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted
ugh, d-mn, i think you caught me in a moment
like i catch 'em stealin' flows cause i swear i never loaned it
and life ain't a rehearsal, the camera's always rollin'
so come and get a portion of this money that we blowin' cause it's on

[hook: drake]
you should come with me
if you got some time this is where you wanna be
we can go all night long
this can last all night
bet it's goin' down, we gon make it right
this is what they mean when they talk about the life
we can go all night long
this can last all night
i'm with if you with it

[verse 2: bun b]
tell them open up the doors, they gotta let us in
it's rap oldest rookie and it's youngest veteran
go get us sprite its for the drink, back together b-tch
mr. doin' it doin' it, what could be better b-tch
the dynamic duo, a two man dream team
my pockets stay swollen, call me mr. cream jean
rocking white diamonds, that vanilla cream bling
they got the game locked down, call it sing sing
you cats straight down in houston, me proper dos
in a corner booth chilling with some proper hoes
i hit toronto girls, hold me for ransom
til i let 'em buy me polo or they throw me ransom
d-mn son, it's like the best of both worlds
that's your wifey and your side, ya getting the best of both girls
so i'mma go ahead and leave the clock running
i ain't finna stop going, you ain't finna stop coming
when the head boy banging, it's like the funky drummer drumming
i go right to left and left to right, back to forth, it's nothing
this is something for the gangstas, something for the riders
with a pistol and the money and boppa right beside us
we highly flammable, you better not ignite us
you suffering from put one in the p-ssy n-gga ride us
godd-mn we k!lling it, ya kids gon' have to hide us
so if you ain't coming with us then you gon' have to write us
cause it's on


[verse 3: lil wayne]
ooh sh-t, mothaf-cka, godd-mn
kickin' b-tches out the condo like pam
gettin' money everyday: i'm a groundhog
bout to scoop your girl up like a ground ball
i walk light so i don't p-ss the ground off
man i swear my b-tches do it 'til they suck the brown off
ugh, that's nasty
yes i am weezy but i ain't asthmatic
james bond cologne, honey i put on
make 'em run and tell their friends like a marathon
voice baritone, haters carry on
beat the p-ssy up, call me larry holmes
young money's jerry sloan, i turn every stone
when she m-st-rbates to me, that's how she learn every song
to women i condone better write me when i'm gone
no i'm not that thuggish not that ruggish but i do pack bone
uh, i'm a love machine
and i won't work for n0body but you
it's only me and her cause the bugatti a coupe
it's blood gang, slime but i parlay with snoop
i ain't lyin' i shoot, you don't need signs for proof
turn you to a vegetable like you lyin' in soup
and when i'm in the booth, b-tch, the lion is loose
man i got so many styles i am a group
d-mn, i'll be gone 'til november
but f-ck it i ain't trippin', i know drizzy gonna k!ll 'em
i'm stickin' to the script like lint on denim
mama said if the rules ain't bent, don't bend 'em
real n-gga talkin', shut the f-ck up, ho
gotta do it one time for haiti, what up, zoe?
weezy f baby and the “f” is for front door
cause that's where i bring it, soo woo if you bangin', m-th-f-cka


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