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Don Toliver - Bluetooth Wagyu MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[intro: chase b]
ight, let me get, uh, the spicy yellow tail, need that, need that
what'd you say don, you need the wagyu tacos?
yeah he'll get that
uh, lots of tempura, always need that
you know what? f~ck it, just bring a whole bunch of sh~t out and i'll tell you if i like it or not, come on

oh, oh, uh, ross
yo chase b

[verse 1: don toliver]
i like my limited two two's (two)
i keep it strapped and pocket stack with a new boo (80)
in the cafeteria calling n0bu (no cap)
lil shawty sloppy, she asked for the bluetooth
[?] wild dawg, young don got a new school (yeah, yeah)
i'm getting the head, dawg, all love for the bluetooth
i made a vlog about it, lil shawty on youtube (yeah, yeah)
two freaks in one room, n~gga what would you do?—

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