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Doja Cat - Take Yo Bitch MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse: doja cat]
i took your b~tch
she don't speak a l!ck of english
she just like my singing
she remember everything, even though we was drinking
hold up, took your mrs. and your man
i got her on the phone, got married in a land
she talk behind ya back she said yo
was a corny n~gga
now you cropped out

waited on you and you soft now back it up ya need a lot now
now lemme back it up, im at the top now
put the top down she put her feet up
send another lost boy to peta
i couldn't pipe that but i could eat her
she couldn't fight that you need a seater

with the belt buckle and the whole nine
i mean careful ‘round me if ya hoe fine
i got no time unless ya gold mine
and f~ck a co~sign i get ya hoe signed
i get ya hoe signed, i get ya hoe signed

look, i'll do ya dirty need feather but me
steal your b~tches call them sweater puppies
ya i'll reprechaun a hoe, i get that kinda close
i'm in a pot of gold, i'm h~lla lucky
if i was dracula, i guess you're bluffy
if i was spatula, i'd flip ya cakes
if you was minute maid then you should get honey

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