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Doja Cat - Say So Cover By Sip Sine MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

imma do this sh~t by myself with no labels
switch up on the fakes like i'm pulling out the cable
cop myself a whip that resides in the stable
imma do it first like this sh~t is a debut

came up from the ground still firm like i'm bamboo
i been f~cking friend b~tches and they say it ain't cool
n~ggas in my throne know the seat is uncomfortable
make it sweet and short get it done like a parable

get myself a bag or i get her a purse
me f~cking with her it's a blessing and a curse
i don't go to church but i preach a fire verse
i am with the paper not the one that's meant for desks

rocking up some nikes every time i burn the cheques uh
you're a real n~gga or you something like a faker
every time i'm down tell myself n~gga get up
exes sending texts but i want me a letter

embrace all my presence and acknowledge my music
and i put out a movement, coz the game is off balance
yeah it's less of a talent
yeah these n~ggas they're careless
some of these n~ggas they're reckless
i don't even see a challenge

you're still stuck in the desert
i surmounted a canyon
guess that makes me a champion
shoot your shot with a pallet
always knew i am destined
paint my vision with passion
turn a flat to a mansion
with a small little fraction d~mn

wish me good day, imma wish you good luck
they tried to pull me down but instead i pulled up yeah
i'm resilient one of the traits that i possess yeah
good qualities so that shows that i'm the best yeah

never get enough i want me some more
break a b~tch heart like glass hit the floor
make it chaotic when i hit the mall
make it compound like it's ethanol

takin' my time ain't no rush oh my god i'm just doing too much
this ain't no f~cking hunch
these n~ggas they talk about such, they're showing the love and the hate but i'm taking this sh~t to the top

bodies they're dropping but i'm never fighting
i am so godly and i am almighty
don't hit me up if it ain't bout the money
the line is so cliché but i make it punchy

n~ggas been running in circles while i'm moving forward they're taking the laps
move with my shawty from city to city to city when i get the bag
040 the code of the city i'm at and imma always rep

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