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Doja Cat - Pink Tsunami MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i've been f~cking with them fizzy pink juices
jolly rancher, diluted
double cup
sprite with it
please put some ice in it
my hoe look real good, and she know that i'm wit it
they say “bros over hoes”
your motto never changed yo
b~tch playing god like range rovers
caked out, no celebration
riding off this hangover, rollin up this elevation
but d~mn that sh~t feels good
d~mn, i've been waiting for this
come into my waiting room, she wait until she beg for it
they wanna underestimate me cause they unqualified
b~tch i been [?]
check my f~cking wallet size
hittin l!cks like a base player
so stay up in your own lane, player
i must be the devil, cuz i come through when they say i'm crazy like
“this b~tch need jesus, this b~tch need jesus” (oh no)
b~tch that sh~t been old
soul train [?]
everything look wavy cuz doja got you seasick
i'm good n~~~~, i'm wavy
but you would rather hand me this sh~t

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