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Doja Cat - Milk MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
no but in all seriousness, i'm the best rapper alive

[verse 1]
you could be the back then and i'll be the now
high as neverland i'm peter pan, we'll keep it down
i got ya wig and ya man and ya nosey
that should be enough to keep a clown on her toseys
look, reddit, i gets my credit
i fleek my brows and i lay my edges
keep my crowd and i pay my dues
blood red bottoms, you da lady in the shoe
we pop the bottles while you getting all the booze
every day i brush another n-gg- like rouge
i'll take the l that the chicken had to ooze
i ooze when they look at my b–bs
look at my -ss
look at my crew
look at yourself now
look at your goons
look at all the views that i got on one tune now
tell me who the queen and who making all the rules
rock to my sh-t
flock to my sh-t
this is my flow, putting a lock on my sh-t
f-ck all of the games, but i'ma bottle my sh-t
you never could step, hop walk to my sh-t
big joint sh-t like it make big coin
give a b-tch a red dot, sharper than a pin point
bring bacon back home like a big oink
gold digger
chewing out your pocket, that's a bit coin

seems like you need some juice
all y'all should ween off pills
somebody needs some chill
(somebody needs some milk)
make hits, i drop it simple
my boys got white like dental
your rhymes, you bought like rental
i don't make pop like pimple

she need milk
he need milk
y'all need milk
y'all need milk
he need milk
she need milk
he need milk
need some milk
i don't make pop, i
i don't make pop i don't

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