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Doja Cat - Love Bomb MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

falling in love
cats got my tongue
talk to me pretty please
doubt you would
cause i could just go
all on my own
don't waste my time
because my love is bomb

[verse 1]
my love's a bomb
my hugs are strong
you know it
my jungle is showing
i cut the lawn
you with it
i f-ck til' dawn
my bucks are long
i pay up
i got this one
yeah, that's on me for dinner
he's loser sore, he's got to cuff the winner
dress on tight, gots to cut with scissors
up first thing in the morning
and make us breakfast
gives the neck in the morning
that's a necklace
paint you the picture
like i'm van gogh
power couple we run it
our love don't blow
if you needed some company
hun come through
we could kick it and chop it
like i'm kung fu
loves hard to but love comes

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