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Doja Cat - Get Loose MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

all i do is settle down
will you let me know?
when we cuttin' that noose?
when you wanna loosen up
wild out ‘n get loose

we could die
or we could get our life
baby would it really f-ckin' k!ll ya if you tried?
one night
up tight are we?
on me if you're henny with the lime
silly when you do this boy you get me every time

get off yo -ss though
i gotcha bag though
pull up them pants though
won't be out past 4 oh oh oh oh
well what you know oh oh oh oh

continued with the show
made you wanna go
just know you gon' wake up to this breakfast in the mornin'
look good in your clothes
stuntin' on them hoes
this time ain't a store run baby give it all

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