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Doja Cat - Candy Salad MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh~huh, uh~huh, uh~huh
uh, uh~huh, uh, uh~huh

[verse 1]
yeah, every night
my dreams seem realer then before
appealing to the realest n~ggas really, but i'm poor
i'm k!llin' sh~t this is when i'm k!llin' feelings in the floors
to the roof, they
testin' sillies screaming keep yourself employee (uh)
keep inside your mouth (yah)
keep this on the [?]
so everytime you speakin' when i freeway any boards
take a couple up and still seconds to realize and record
freedom is just a choice, freedom is just a choice (yo)
and a, yuh
we gettin' way more [?]
i feel like emily, got these demons inside my belly (yeah)
i feel my melody get us, nothin' that you could conjure
is this the marijuana or is it cause i'mma arthor
slanging the game n~gga, take fame where the fame takes ya
so if you know the models then bottled it for you haters
and follow upon your paper
follow and see the nature
then jungle is all around you, but lions no longer chase you
life's a drag with no tuck

la, la, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
la, la, oh, oh

[verse 2]
huh, yo, life's a drag with no trunks
we grind with no chucks
we're gold, with no luck
we see they gettin' high and don't give no f~cks
cause all my hoes gold
and digits and toes done
[?] yo old stuff and n~ggas is cold cut
they always going on in the venue with those guns, like
.. off and n~ggas keep doin' us like
cause you [?] took, uh
that i realize they're inside, they all shook
.. thrill, all the p~ssy that i've been in
i been on, should make me ill
coughing all the bills, and
parkin' in the hills
my mind sets kinda off
but prolly cause i feel, so
sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom to reach my level
sometimes you gotta..



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