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Doja Cat - 8th MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


[verse 1: doja cat]
back in my 8th
f-ck your rosé
sippin [?]
smoking [?]
coughing [?]
look at your face, face, face
and call me insane
i won't confront
your n-gga lunch i'm a [?]
that's how i'm hungry
i ain't a bully
you gotta drown me, i got 3k
[?] bobby brown [?]
wait, wait
was it too soon or was it too late?
f-ck [?]
[?] all year
[?] till i die
[?] today
hey, thanks
thanks for the mention, thanks for the tension, thanks for raise, thanks hey

but you're just gon' take it away
but you're just gon' take it away

[verse 2: tru heru]
what is life like?
if that life lie [?] n-gga
is that moonlight
when the moon right
i'm on two strikes n-gga
tryna get it together i'm sick as whatever
i'm too right n-gga
i'm in [?]
i'm [?]
i'm the sun stars in the room type
make 'em do right
i'm too godly
i'm too [?]
they really think [?] in the room might be
i told you n-ggas [?] i'm too godly
you never comprehend this
it's where i never exist
b-tch tap me off your list
just swear to god i did this before
swear to god i ain't miss before
reasons why you hate this you know?
i'm thinking bout you
what's the reason 'bout sh-t?
baby better off without sh-t
i'd be better off with my pills
i'm just going thru sh-t
y'all think [?]
i'm just knowing [?]

[verse 3: doja cat]
b-tches going thru sh-t
y'all don't know this new whip
y'all don't own this new crib
when your flow get too big
know this new sh-t
hold your two kids
that is no [?]
that's my two [?]
baby we need a revolution
beg on your knees but [?]
is it the jeans [?]
you know that b00b big
gotta show the douche sh-t
over season, [?] and both no blue jet
boutta go to houston

[verse 4: tru heru]
hey, have you ever thought about the [?] in africa
have you ever thought about the way your body [?]
they ain't bad enough
i'm the mother f-cking man, hey
they don't ever understand, you
i'm too [?] but i'm never owning that
i could never owning that, no
i'm forever owning that too, sh-t
my sh-t [?]
feel like i'm [?] by the ocean
wait, oh sh-t, wait
who the f-ck are you supposed to be?
how you even get close to me?
remember people never notice me
i'm lying
always been in a nice spotlight
probably cause i'm from a dark place
she don't even make my heart race no more
no more, no more, no, no more
she don't even make my
she don't even make my heart race no more

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