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Do - Searching Gold MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

we left our goods behind overnight
they told us there was a place to find
we were all wrapped up in winter coats
searching gold in the midnight cold
we traveled arm in arm at the same pace
keeping each other warm in the rising storm
searching gold
where's the gold?
that we'll share as we share the road?

tree trunks had fallen down on our way
rocks of the ice age that would not stir
we lifted all that troubled our haste
one spell, one voice for one single aim
searching gold- will we find it?
where's the gold?
that we'll share as we share the road?

one step left i'm bound to lead the herd
they're only trailing behind, what can i say?

as the horizon cleared
we let go of our hands
each one hurried to be the first where gold flows out
oh silent rejoicing when one of us stumbled
oh silent rejoicing when one of us failed

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