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Dj Luke Nasty - Hwy 101 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: dj luke nasty]
now a days i talk less and i shot more
designers bags on my king size on the top floor
your girl love the view i mean it's quite appealing
you niggas saving hoes i'd rather be a villain
i'd rather see a billion a million ain't enough
i mean you niggas balling but you just ain't as clutch
the weather nice we been in cali what a week now
i find myself saying ye whenever i speak now
that nigga talking different
i guess when the finer sushi is walking distance
fuck it you gotta love it right
the flow dope and ain't no need for a budget
just throw a beat on ain't no need for a subject
word to freeway i'm on the freeway doing a hundred
trying to make it on time who knew
my time was coming nigga
on the freeway doing a hundred
trying to make it on time but who know
my time was coming nigga

please proceed to the route
continue south on highway 101 for 69 miles
then bear left onto exit 35 in point three miles
please refrain from smoking
you have missed your exit six times now
please make a uturn at your earliest convenience

[verse 2: dj luke nasty]
i'm in the days feels like i'm running in a maze
i'm caged like johnny and i don't mean gilt
after i get a mill i'm a still be hungry
it's like a tapeworm in my stomach
trying to get me some money
drunk words so i know she mean it
i hate giving advice whenever i need it (preach)
late nights in the studio i'm sipping
trying to get in my zone
trust issues got her tripping trying to get in my phone
watch the story unfold she like why you so cold
then my eyes went italic like why you so bold
she like i love you nigga
and those other hoes don't
i was there when yous was broke
and those other hoes won't
leterrance i do what those other hoes won't
and that facts nigga don't hat nigga
let's go back nigga
when you ain't know your worth
i'm the one who said tax niggas
for real

[bridge 2]
please make a uturn at your earliest convenience
you've left your phone at home with your girlfriend
and you turned your p-sscode off
and while you're at it please stop and get some gas
we've been riding like this for 72 miles with the gas light on
and you don't hoe me like that
i'm thirstier then a mother fucker
please continue point four miles and take exit 42 off to the right

[verse 3: dj luke nasty]
it's fourth and goal and i'm not trying to kick it
momma i'm trying to ball i'm still working on my pivot
i know i should have listened i ain't listen
new play the game different
new day same b-tches
so i'm yelling fuck the hoes get your mind right
and this going to be my time when the time right nigga
and rappers in that lime light don't really got them klondikes
so battling me is bringing bombs to a gunfight nigga ka boom
yeah ka bam ka boom
we smoke that shaq diesel like kazaam in the room
now make a wish cause i'm a star like actors
and i'm about my craft like star spelled backwards
smoking on some shit that you can't find on mapquest
that mean we got the sack without making a tackle
and actions speak louder than words is what i heard
my weed louder then any movement or verb
my point i emerged flow sick i need a nurse
i give your girl the work and you just work her nerves
and i'm just trying to last yall worried about being first
and life ain't sweet but you gonna get what you deserve

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