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Dej Loaf - Xxl Freshman Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

man, these shoes cost me a couple thousand
and i still stay at home with my mama
all white, b-tch i'm out here like osama
if they want me they gon' have to come and find me
park the whip, got a ticket on my tint
got a temper out this world
please don't stunt on me, i'll flip
i'm the sh-t, got you p-ssed
bout it, bout it, feel the silk
and these [?] white as f-ck
vitamin d, yeah, they milk
you lookin' like the help, i look like i can help
i look like i can cook, all white just like a chef
these n-ggas want to be rich but i'd rather have the wealth
cause rich don't last forever, i can't live no check to check
so i invest, make it stretch, all these groupies at my neck
you a rat, now you trapped, get your goofy -ss back
send a text'll get you whacked if you ever disrespect
hold your thought, eat this tec
do more, talk less

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