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Dej Loaf - Who Am I MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

who am i?

sometimes i sit and i just wonder will i ever fumble?

can't think like that, i got to keep this sh-t forever going
when it rain n-gg-s get wet in the d, it's snowing
we got them fully automatics and them minks up on us
no tender loving care, nah we gon' creep up on 'em
sick them demons on 'em, pray for me can't even function
drum under the pillow, sleep in gucci thermals
i can't get no sleep at night, i sit and think all night
i just need a peace of mind, i live a decent life
who said this sh-t was easy, why they f-cking lying?
let me have you baby, promise i'm gon' treat you right
i be like show you right, yeah show you right
i can tell you're not ready for me, tell me what your last b-tch like
i can see she had you stealing your sh-t, how long was y'all together?
nevermind i'm single, rather be filthy rich and hardheaded
low down, dirty shame peaches pretty b-tch ball headed

who am i?
who am i?
who am i?
who are you? who am i?
who am i?
who am i?

shooters sliding down your block in them suit and ties
do you want to ride? no do or die
they tryna take your soul, n-gg- run and hide
i just be thinking the worst, surprise it's your birthday
when the last time you done been down to that church aye?
say it ain't what you think, say how you feel, say what you think n-gg-
these n-gg-s biting their tongues, biting my style, follow the leader
follow me (come on)
follow me, follow me
follow me, follow me
follow me, follow me
ralph lauren, i'm fleek look at me
bullet proof feelings take a shot at me
we taking shots of hennessy done had like 6 a piece
that's that detroit in me so many memories

who am i?
who am i?
who am i?
who are you? who am i?
who am i?
who am i?

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