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Dej Loaf - Where The Love At MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i ain't seen no love
i ain't heard no love
where the love at
tell me where the love at
where the love at.. tell me where the love at
where the love at?

where the love at
how you love that?
where the kisses and the hugs at
n-gga we don't want that, say f-ck that
leave a n-gga in a blood bath
all you n-ggas suspect, we don't trust that
all yall bums get the f-ck back, before i push your skull back

[verse 1]
where my thugs at
burn a n-gga like a sun tan
make a n-gga just run fast, make him do the fun dance
no rush make him come fast, on-demand like comcast
i'm finna blow that's a bomb threat
your team weaker than the bobcats
lil dej from the projects, getting money with my con rads
keep it 100 or keep to yourself
ibgm on the front of my shirt
n-ggas want deals but don't put in the work
disrespect me and get put on a shirt
cause i know some shooters that put in the work
half-court shots, be f-cking berserk
shooting and scoring, weapon and touring
city to city my fan base is growing
got on all white, with the [?]
looking like a million views on youtube
i know this that sh-t that you ain't used to
but if you f-cking with me then get used to it
this how it gotta be, ball on the opposite
all yall weak rappers f-ck up the economy
won't do no features cause n-ggas is bleachers
i'm just on my papers, f-ck all my old teachers


[verse 2]
ibgm that's the sact claim
that ain't no game, thats a lifestyle
these n-ggas walking around with these big b-lls
but still living all the cl-ssic -ss lifestyles
ain't wanna see me do it, but i did it
can't pay me for a verse i'm offended
comparing me to who? i'm the sickest
from the style, from the smile, to the lyrics
sell sole, yeah b-tch sh-t serious
only key to real b-tches in the tenants
every time we show up, yall absent
off the henny but i ain't no alchy
and i don't give a f-ck cause i be healthy
in the strip club throwing up jacksons
don't hang around latoyas or janets
i'm the hardest rap b-tch on the planet


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