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Dej Loaf - Off The Top MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

now get ‘er done
off the top
yeah, yeah
ayo [?] why you k!lling these n-ggas man

[verse 1]
bad b-tch
i say center fold
i ain't got to toke guns
that's why my n-ggas for
and they gon' pop a n-gga dead in the street
got no -sses when the feds takin' pics
n-gga tripping, money dead on my list
my n-ggas tripping, that's a bed, that's your b-tch
p-ssy shaking, gettin' head in the crib
that's how i live, money thousand on my chit
got college tuition on me, i'm school
nas and belly n-gga, that's my move
tommy buns, house so white
making players, why keesha want to fight?
calling shots, got me feeling all right
keep pushing, yeah the p-ssy tight
you can't get it when you see em' watch it bite
she ain't your friend, she f-cked your man twice

[hook 1]
that b-tch ain't nothing but a hoe
that b-tch ain't nothing but a hoe
i said that b-tch ain't nothing but a hoe
that b-tch ain't nothing but a hoe

[verse 2]
that b-tch ain't nothing but a hoe
your n-gga ain't nothing but a scrub
anybody i had, i made them fall in love (with me)
n-ggas making threats
why worry 'bout it?
who's going to do something would've done it
i ain't worry 'bout it
i'm the realest in this sh-t
i'm for sure about it
n-gga try me, i hope you got insurance 'bout it
i got on all this silk
b-tch, i'm body, body
oh, like i'm here, baby [?]
i'm from detroit, i swear this is my sport
they wonder how i got it
i ain't really have a choice

i was broke
it wasn't no joke

[verse 3]
she got me crying, she got me stressed
i had to get fear off my chest
my grandma wasn't a hoe
same [?] got a rep
i walked around the game
like boy i f-cked the ref
chopper boy i miss you
rest in peace dext

[hook 2]
swear these n-ggas hoes (i swear to god)
swear this n-ggas hoes (i swear to god)
i said i swear to god these n-ggas hoes
all they do is run their mouth

[verse 4]
what the f-ck i look like?
ashanti, “foolish?”
get money, save money
i ain't jewish
i might be off the henny
but cam got the tooly
are you stupid?
pow b-tch, move it
(get the f-ck out the way)

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