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Dej Loaf - Mrs Williams MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

waddup mrs. williams
and if yall ever see her, yall can tell her that i'm living it up
i'm living it up, i'm living it up
i'm living it up

[verse 1]
mrs. williams was my third grade teacher
i remember everything about her
i remember when she told me that my att-tude wasn't going to get me far
always talking sh-t, i swear she always p-ssed me off
waddup, look what my att-tude got me
remember all them maps that we used to have to copy
well, i'm in hong-kong, probably in milan
with a shoe on that cost more than what you work for


[verse 2]
now you still wear them ugly -ss gl-sses
always bragging about your daughter, like shes so fantastic
shut the f-ck up, f-ck her, f-ck you too
you almost failed me that year, i had to go to summer school
it was obvious that you ain't like me and i ain't like you
i used to want to be a teacher, but never like you
i'm sitting in cl-ss, i would laugh at you full bid
i can't believe they put me in your cl-ss for a full year


[verse 3]
mrs. williams was my third grade teacher
i remember everything about her
i remember when she, would never let me
go to the bathroom, just sitting in the cl-ssroom acting a d-mn fool
well, look who i'm sh-tting on now
i bet the work i do now is making my mama proud
calling my house trying to get me in trouble
“h-llo, this is mrs. williams, can i speak with ms. trimble”
shut the f-ck up, aye we don't have the same last names
and if i get in trouble tomorrow i'mma do the same thing
no lunch break? you're excluding me
five minutes late, truancy
she got me messed up, but god bless her
i used to write my raps, she'd tell me put that mess up
well that mess, is what got my checks up
yeah that mess, is what got me next up


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