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Dej Loaf - In The Air Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

so we got stopped at the airport on the way back from south africa
you know and we home and they stop us, they wanna go through our bags
and he was going through my purse and he sees my money and he's like “how much is this?”
and i'm like “i don't know how much is this sir, i just grabbed it from the crib i don't know”
that's why we need a jet man it's crazy

(verse 1)
we don't wave ride
i don't want to hear these new n-gg-s
put on some mary j. blige
this for my n-gg-s on them train ride
this for my n-gg-s selling canine (dog)
for the ones who only mad it to the graveyard
i'm right here chilling by your graveside
bow your head shorty
that n-gg- know he dead wrong
if we don't catch you we gone get your man's gone
chanel gloves on, my hands cold
stop playing with me
i'm trying to make plans
can't trust these p-ss-es cause they sneaky
they say i'm untouchable
but n-gg-s can't reach me
outta this world
way out your region
let's get away baby meet me in with my peoples
but i got some people i can't let down
music good and you k!ll em when you dress down
look at all these b-tches having meltdowns
don't pretend like we cool when i come around (f-ck out my face)
something tells that they don't like me
something tells me i should have wore my nike's
how did i get snaked by a b-tch beside me
something told me that the b-tch was sheisty
f-ck a phone call
no sh-t was priceless
no cast no coop somebody getting wired
be quiet
somebody getting wired
gotta keep a couple omar little's
turn your head blue marg simpson
knots like bantu
we done turned your head crew
dej you be chilling
sitting pretty, they can't stand you
of course, they can't
b-tches mad cause i ain't forcing it
i'm enforcing sh-t
yellow world
where we turn all the boys to men
girls to women
it's more to it
how you see it?
i see it on some corporate sh-t
you n-gg-s can't block my blessings
aim shots imma buy my vests
it ain't any
it ain't any hoe in my blood
it in my vessels
came back on them n-gg-s who was down like seven
that's buckets
all hustle no luck
elevator going up
i was half way there
they were hoping i was stuck
i see envy in they eyes
power 105.1
it ain't about being tuff
but you can scram if you soft
i chunk the deuces at you p-ss-es
n-gg-s ain't lift a thumb
i have seen n-gg-s go from a loaf to a crumb
i have seen b-tches got from a boss to a b-m
i survived through the rain and the storm
i wanna start a family
and teach it all to my sons
tell em how i came up
and tell em i'm on my stuff
i'm a beast
and i can't tell you
how many n-gg-s i've curved
how many bullets i've dodged
how much money i earn
(i can't tell you)
but i can tell you
that i won't stop now
can't let my people down
this ain't no easy road
this ain't no easy life
before you wish for it
better think twice
said think twice
i'm out

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