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Dej Loaf - Ayo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[produced by dds]

[verse 1]
henny by the 5th, gone and take your pick
i'm pausin' cause i'm fly and i feel like i'm the sh-t
my squad up in vip, you got in with a dub
i only f-ck with ballers, we don't f-ck around with scrubs
n-gga yayo
all my n-ggas be like yayo
say yayo
all my n-ggas be like yayo

[verse 2]
walkin' past the bouncers, standin' on the couches
bottles for my squad, n-gga that's a couple thousand
n-gga yayo
all my n-ggas be like yayo
all these b-tches, they be haters
all these b-tches, they be haters

[verse 3]
feelin' like a god, oh my f-ckin' god
did you just see that car? that b-tch go so hard
that don't make no sense, got these haters p-ssed
heard you had a problem, when i see you it ain't sh-t
i'ma represent, all i make is hits
got too many styles, i don't know which one to pick
they can't put me in a box, free my n-ggas locked
every day i pop a bottle for my n-ggas in the sky
we been eatin' good, hater how you like me now?
all that steak and all that shrimp, i done gained a couple pounds
we gon' slim it down, we gon' take over your town
ain't no hoes in my circle, nah we don't f-ck around
ciroc by the cases, pour it on you basics
let a n-gga try me, light him up, don't use no tasers
i can't do no favors, i'm so f-ckin' player
i should run for mayor, n-ggas watchin' me like cable

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