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Dababy - Vibez Snippet MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from snippet

let's go (yeah, yeah, dj you made that muhf-ckin' beat?)
you know it's baby, n-gga, hahaha
ha (oh lord, jetson made another one), ha

she wanna f-ck with me, but i don't got the time (mm, mm)
i just hopped a private plane, and went and hopped on 85 (yeah)
go call my chauffeur, b-tch, 'cause i don't like to drive
we in suburbans, back to back, and we gon' fill 'em up with vibes (let's go)
fill 'em with vibes (yeah), get in and ride (yeah, yeah)
and no, a n-gga not blind (uh-uh)
but i keep the stick and i'm firin' (b-tch)
i ain't met a n-gga in life
just f-ckin' with me, say he did and he lyin' (mm, mm)
got so many fives stuffed in the car, we can f-ck them hoes six at a time (no cap)
i make them hoes say, “that n-gga so fine” (ooh)
but he got the d-ck you can feel in your spine (yeah)
you know what they say about baby
you know that them b-tches don't play about baby (aah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
you should go run for president, look what god did, took his time with me (yeah, yeah)
got a red and white hoe like a peppermint (ooh)
put the hotel, take the vibes in
she gon' f-ck on me and my brethren (uh)
my brudda an' ‘dem, havin' three hoes in the king size
i ain't finished yet (mm), got another b-tch (mm)
got her ridin' d-ck (mm, mm), and screamin', “yeehaw” (mm, mm)
you make me proud girl, you a cowgirl (ah)
she did a handstand, i'm like, “wow, girl” (okay, okay)
okay, i'm f-ckin' her upside-down…

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