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Dababy - Untitled Snippet MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from snippet

i got 20 on my beat

i'ma sit here and let n-gg-s think they can f-ck with dababy (let go)
i ain't even recorded in months, and i ain't doin' sh-t
they too muhf-ckin' lazy (ahh)
i went got me some ice, and i ain't really trippin'
still feel like that n-gg- without it (uh-uh, bing)
if you bring me some money, just make sure it's neat
i'ma make your -ss sit there and count it (b-m b-tch)
ooh, that lil' n-gg- trippin', he childish (ooh, woo)
that boy out his clothes, need a stylist (ahh)
they know he switch his flow when he wanna
he get beat up and act like he gone in a coma
know the media wrong, they believe what they wanna
i'll be the n-gg- make him a believer
beat him up, go to sleep, he start shakin' and sh-t
call the ambulance, that n-gg- havin' a seizure (brrp)
i hope when-

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