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Dababy - Unforgettable Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1]
hey, oh, you came across me on the gram, huh? (yeah)
why you actin' nervous, what you scared of? (yeah)
you prolly think i'm worried 'bout your man, huh? (ayy)
you f-ck with me 'cause he don't understand you
oh, and i'm the motherf-cking goat
start acting like you motherf-cking know
i'm in and out of town, i'm on the motherf-cking road
bagging b-tches in your city at my motherf-cking show
and you know i got a million on my motherf-cking mind
never get to chilling, got no motherf-cking time
took a n-gg- b-tch 'cause she a motherf-cking dime
we don't do security, we got in with the iron
and i got these rapping n-gg-s tryna ride my wave
i take out my partner then i leave him on the stage
i take out my haters and i roll 'em in a blunt
lit it up and smoke that motherf-cker to the face, ayy
let me switch the tempo, like a b-tch so simple
chilling with a redbone, i think she a nympho
i give you your issue, i get me a pistol
promise i won't miss you, pop you like a pimple
boom, everybody watching when we walk inside the room
i'm going on smelling like a [?]
and every time the girl right on me, she like zoom
zoom, zoom

and you are unforgettable, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah

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