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Dababy - Top 5 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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[verse 1]
first of all, you can fix your face 'cause i don't need you
ain't gettin' nothin' less than 250k for all my features, n~gga
yeah, you b~tch~ass n~gga, you broke ho
i been hatin' on a rich~ass n~gga, you don't know
with your lil' weak ass, don't know why these n~ggas set up like that
don't know how these n~ggas was raised, these n~ggas, [?] n~ggas get touched like that
they gon' watch you put in that grind and once you shine, you better not f~ck with that
i did everything on my bucket list and went and bought me a bucket hat, lil' n~gga

top five, you can put me top, oh
not mine, pimpin' on these thot hoes
i'm fine, but you not good for my soul
glock .9, oh~oh~oh~oh (b~tch)
top five (top five), you can put me top, oh
not mine (not mine), pimpin' on these thot hoes
i'm fine (i'm fine), but you not good for my soul
glock .9, oh~oh~oh~oh

[verse 2]
you know they always hate the n~gga who got them pictures (okay, let's go)
the glocks don't got no, but they got switches (they see like, brr)
it ain't no reason for me to pay her when i can [?]
make it clap, i'm walkin' out, and [?] shakin' it like a stripper
bank on me, i make it shake, “how many figures you got?”
i got eight figures, i came from section 8 (8, 8)
i broke my neck and hurt my success, ain't even celebrate
but the famous [?] the other day, she said, “the s~x was great”

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