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Dababy - Started MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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ah, started
keep acting like i don't go dumb, r-t-rded
you know this sh-t more than a tack, got this sh-t on my back, i put on for charlotte
she thought she was grabbin' my d-ck, i kept smackin' her hand, she was touchin' my .40 (i got 20 on my beat)
okay, i know they ain't gon' like how i do this
give me thirty days, i'ma be too rich
give me two b-tches, i can both of 'em
probably kick them hoes out, i don't want none
i'm a dog, trifle
i don't like normal hoes, don't excite me
tell him, “don't play with me if you like her”
put his -ss in the sky like some lightning
two redbones kissin' in the backseat
my ho got a ho, yeah, she dikey
i'm f-ckin' 'em both from the floor
i'm chokin' 'em out and they like it
‘member when your lil' b-tch ain't come home?
came back smelling like different cologne?
‘member that day you went through that sh-t?
then you found my lil' pic in her phone?
you know how it go, bro, don't sweat
let your ho be a ho, you can't help it
share a l!ck with my bro, we ain't selfish
leave the building, they treat me like elvis
like elvis just left the building
i come back every day if they book me
made a left at the light, seen 'em lookin'
shoot a burner at the cop, he a p-ssy
ayy, sweet, cookie
we duckin' the dodgers, they rookies

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