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Dababy - Rocks In MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: dababy & offset]
hoo (durel made the beat, i'ma rock with it)

[verse 1: dababy]
i pull up in the double-r ghost with no tint on the windows
lil' b-tch givin' top in it (what you do?)

[verse 2: offset & dababy]
i look at my watch, i got rocks in it (ice)
keep the thirty round, yeah, that's that glock finish (let's go)

[verse 3: dababy]
heat 'em up, put that boy in the pot with me (ha)
cool him off if that boy with a hot glizzy (hot)
i just went, got my bm a rover
took five hundred k, took that lot with me (zoom)

[verse 4: offset]
from the am to pm, i stop billin' (am to pm)
this so hot on my wrist, this a richard mille (richard mille)
i just took the top off of the caterpillar (white)
i get you spent for a half a n-gga (spent)

[verse 5: dababy]
the same n-ggas who ridin', they layin' with you (ride)
as soon as they slide, i'm gon' pay the ticket (let's go)
somebody gon' die[…]

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