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Dababy - Off MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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right now, i'm just sayin'
i got 20 on my beat

took the backend and bought a scat pack and some sticks
just to shoot at a n-gga in dips
why he walkin' like that? i got in with my gl!ck
so please don't start grabbing my d-ck
be done let that b-tch off
he try me, i'ma set this b-tch off
she givin' me her lil' neck and her top
i f-ck her with protection, no raw
i make a section, like, that's where i'm from
they want me to come check 'em, but nah
come take a look at my neck, it's all froze
i went back with a mask and i'm whippin' the sauce
i cut off your ho with this b-tch
we get lit, we might set off alarms in this b-tch
i'm spazzin' out while i'm out far with this sh-t
f-ck around, miss a show, f-ck around, switch a ho, no relations and sh-t
i get mind and i go, i need mine in her throat
ask her mama, she know, in her bas-m-nt, i hit her daughter the other day
i had to record it, she wasn't bae
shoutout to my lawyer, another case
it's best it was quick, they got on delay
and my spanish, i love to call, “baby mama”
so i'm tryna f-ck her mama on mother's day
i had thirty-two pounds where my brother stay
sold a business so quick, they ain't notice
gettin' head from your b-tch in my whip, watch my scene
chew down way too much spit when she chokin'
we ain't closin' down sh-t, b-tch, we open
we 24 hours like walmart
i slang this thing on like a b-llb-g
we knockin' they -ss out the ballpark (ha)
what you call that? that's a home run
how he want beef with me? ain't got no gun
when i hop out this g, n-gga, don't run
n-gga talkin', they sweet, they ain't no fun
bring your -ss up the street like i want some
n-gga talkin' on ig, they ain't done nothin'
i'm f-ckin' that ho from the back (what you got?)

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