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Dababy - March Madness MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i finished a show and go sell a bow
hop  right off a stage and jump in a rental
i  see how they act when they in they feelings
and me, i rap just what i'm really living
i'ma keep winning and hit they women
i'ma  keep living they sh-t they spit
i'ma  forgive 'em but won't forget it
i'ma get rich, put on for my city (charlotte)
take  off her panties, leave 'em on the stage
take off a plug and go make a play
i'm sure in love on a weedy day
did a pound of the og for 3 today
it's  a drought but i'm selling 'em cheap today
play with me, send a hit where your people stay
pray to god that i don't gotta prove it
play with john and you know i'ma lose it
first let me start off by saying i came from the struggle, i came up from nothing
oodles of noodles when we had the munches
i slept on a mattress, i don't need no covers
had roaches and rats, you can go ask my brothers
i wan' see a mansion, and yankin' my foot up they -ss with this rap
you can hate it or love it, this chick that i'm with is so bad i pulled over in traffic and laid her up right there in public, mwah
you say i'm disgusting, but these b-tches, they love it
better get you some money, yeah
i'm staying down with my n-gg-s, don't play around with my n-gg-s
i take your pounds with my n-gg-s, i play the town with my n-gg-s, you play around you could get it
i do not have time for these b-tches, i do not have time for these n-gg-s
i have all of my time dedicated to grind and get rich or die trying, my mind on a million
not even half-way close to where i wanna be, i'm only 23, i don't have children
i hit the club one-deep, everyone f-ck with me, showing me love when i walk in the building
but it don't matter, my mama still working, i'm still out here rapping, i'm still out here serving
i take your sh-t, act like it was an accident, that ain't what happened, i did it on purpose
these n-gg-s dying, i found out the recipe, working excessively, taking these chances
moving aggressively, walk like you laying decisions, you probably won't understand it
all of them n-gg-s who say they your n-gg-s, they talking about you when you are not with 'em
don't even address it, that sh-t is expected, initially, honestly, i'm not offended
if you wish me the worst, no hard feelings, i wish you best, your success, that ain't none of my business
however, i want you to know i don't f-ck with you, i say it loud so you could comprehend it

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