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Dababy - Lightskin Shit MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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[intro: dababy]
ha, ha, haha
(oh lord, jetson made another one)

[verse 1: dababy]
i'm havin' my way with your b~tch
the same b~tch that was havin' her way with a b~tch n~gga
n~ggas goin' outside 'bout these hoes but me, hmm
my b~tch like a model
word to genie, she shaped like a bottle
f~ck a ig, she too fine to follow
powerball, b~tch i just hit the lotto (cha~ching)
tylenol, she too sick call a doctor (sick)
pop a pill with the p~ssy, i pop it
i'm a dawg, i'ma sh~t on my last hoe
all the pretty b~tches need an assh0l~, let's go

lightskin sh~t
she f~ck with me, she turn into a lightskin b~tch (ha, ha)
find me in my business on some hypeman sh~t
she ain't respondin' to my text, she on some lightskin sh~t
i don't like that sh~t
pull up with a new hoe (let's go, skrr)
i went bought a two door (yeah)
when we out we on liquor and [?] (han)
i'm a dawg on the b~tch, call me kujo (grrr, b~tch, yeah)
i will run the score up (han)
put my d~ck down her throat 'til she throw up (throw up)
f~ck the hideout in public, they know us
picture's viral before the sh~t go off

my b~tch in the trap with her mask on (yeah)
i just flipped two bands in the restroom (let's go)
had the magazine tucked like a super goon (baby)

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