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Dababy - Cha Cha Slide MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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welcome to 1st class
turn my volume up in the headphones
let's go
uh, uh, uh
oh lord, jetson made another one

lately, i been sitting in the house getting rich (go)
i miss going outside and sh~t
i like how he rap, i'ma sign a n~gga
she can rap, i'ma sign the b~tch
my b~tch like a biker, she ride the d~ck (ride)
let her go for a ride
she tryna keep f~cking like she on a pill or something (mm)
hold on, baby, i'm tired (go)
d~mn, that lil' n~gga on fire
everyone play with that n~gga, he fire
arguing, that ain't my vibe
ain't tryna talk to you, i'm tryna slide
let's do it, i can't wait to slide, yeah, i'm talking cha~cha
question, have you ever seen a worldwide superstar hop out with a chopper? i'm reckless (go)
bad b~tches tell me i'm s~xy (go)
she gon' come give me that becky
and then i'm respectfully deleting textes
i really wanna see 'bout your bestie
i really wanna drop a new tape on the low but i really don't think that they ready (yeah)
i don't be doing no extra
yeah, your idol b~tch tell me i'm precious
your idol b~tch know i'm the goat (let's go)
shake that sh~t off, can't be scared of losses, you know how it go (let's go)
that's what made me a boss
they really don't know what to do with a n~gga
ran it up in real life, all these n~ggas…

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