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my demons come for me when the lights go off
offer me to get good sleep
sometimes i don't know what to do and get the mic go off
this music sh~t be therapeutic
he just got a new gun but he scared to use it
teach 'em how to shoot it, get that boy a tool
one day might need it
and i'm not the one to try to understand 'cause it might get confusin', so let's call it even
i just took a jet to see my daddy grave side and round trip to cleveland, and came back to charlotte
my cougar thirty~six years old, when she ride around she got the nina
i'm not talking cash out (go)
i don't jump in the water and back out
these n~ggas gotta see me act out
since a kid a n~gga been the man with the plan, i'm a cash cow, yeah
show a n~gga money, i'ma go and get the money
i ain't goin' in the house until i get it
and these n~ggas know a n~gga hungry, they ain't seen a real n~gga
top the charts in different countries in a minute, you get it?
i in this sh~t independent
better cover up your eyes, it's double vvs inside my pendant
vvs in it, pull up in the foreign bumpin' chris brown
know i gotta riri in it, but no umbrella
covid~19 f~ckin' concerts up, n~gga, no coach~lla
no rolling loud, ain't smoking blunts in six months
had to die, but i know a n~gga proud…

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