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Dababy - Cant Stop MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

transcribing. please do not edit. @pessoa

b~tch, there ain't no stoppin' no n~gga like me
b~tch, there ain't no stoppin' no n~gga like me
let's go (new album, n~gga)
baby, on baby, on baby
baby, on baby, on motherf~cking baby
f~ck you talkin' 'bout n~gga?

b~tch there ain't no stopping no n~gga like me
this the intro, watch me get into it (let's go)
b~tches call me a cutie, i'm groovy
my daughter took care of forever, off music (mwah)
screaming fly high to kobe, gianna we ballin'
i can't tell you sh~t about losin' (r.i.p.)
finger f~ck allegations, keep hatin'
i'm patiently waiting on n~ggas to prove it (you b~tch)
b~tch, you konw i turn p~ss into lemonade
turn sh~t into sugar, that's chocolate pudding
let you know i don't f~ck with you anyway
know i keep getting better, you thought that i wouldn't
i'ma keep letting off, i'm a renegade
the media blitzed and i took off and shook 'em
came out like a boss and they feel a way
gon' end up getting f~cked, you keep thinkin' i'm p~ssy
b~tch, i'm 'bout my business, it's all about timin'
when i put this sh~t on, i don't cop from no stylist
i'm all on the tv and net, i'm too viral

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