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Dababy - Broken Heart MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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…i'm sittin' here wit the car in park while she vibing to my song (ooh)

i know the feelin' baby (okay)
you ever feel the way i feel, you know it feel amazin' (let's go)
i had a b~tch, we used to kick and sh~t, was feelin' baby (uh, uh, uh)
she stepped on my heart, got me feelin' basic (eh)
you know how people like to come back when you level up? (uh~huh)
i made the change, you stayed the same, i gotta add it up
guess i been tryin' to free up some time in my schedule, but (uh~huh)
when opportunity knockin', i never say no
'cause i been busy catchin' the passes i used to pray for (let's go)
stacking' up the bag and like texas, we playin' waco
and everyday i pray to god that a n~gga don't try to play though
'cause i don't like to play, even gave a n~gga a halo (boom, boom, boom)
thinkin' 'bout the people i lost, know i got some angels
chillin' with my frequently f~ckin', yeah, these my hangers
takin' selfies with my b~tch, she switchin' up different angles
and no, i never kept me a b~tch, but i always kept a banger (boom, boom)

i keep it loaded when i ride 'cause i'm still a n~gga (ah)
i f~ck with her to use my mind, 'cause i been in my feelings
and every single person in my life tell me i'm their hero
but when it's up and it go down, they treat me like the villain
guess i forgot to mention (ah)
i'm just a n~gga with a broken heart tryna find my way back home
i'm sittin' here with the car in park while she vibing to my song

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