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Dababy - 4hunnid MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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[verse: dababy]
if you know then you know sum'
want a feature, $250 a show, i want $400
n~gga, play and i gon' bump
talkin' right here, today, i can't wait, n~gga, no runnin'
next show i do, i'ma go by the gang and cop houses sittin' on 36 acres with your money
yuh, and you just hype like the comma, no b~tches, but ain't gettin' no money (p~ssy~ass n~gga, go)
yuh, and you just hype me like the comma, no b~tches, but ain't gettin' no money (go, go)
yuh, started this year, track star
give her back shots at the ho money (let's go!)
[?] callin' another track off
you can get [?], lil' boy
my show price, yg, b~tch, it's four hunnid
had to put this out there again that you know somethin' (that you know)
[?] in so long (so)
if he ain't have 150, i won't come (won't)
you a thick b~tch with no stump (go)
and she don't ask a n~gga for sh~t, get her own money (sh~t)
give her d~ck, let her blow on it (d~ck)
she got blind [?], people think she a snow bunny (let's go)
baby, you bein' too extra (go)
i knew her ever since we were fifteen
i used to copy her texts (fifteen)
i get mad when she don't suck my d~ck once a week
told her, “when i get free, i'ma text ya” (when i'm free)
i'ma give her a [?] better
i got some head on her, aderall
i'm michael jackson, bad, these other n~ggas ain't bad at all
sick of hearin' all the cappin' while they gave me rookie of the year like it's muhf~ckin' basketball (whoo!)
and i ain't even use it to pop out (ain't even pop)
i came here in 2019, i got rookie of the year the same time ja morant got it
i'ma dunkin' on n~ggas…

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