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City Girls - Enoughbetter MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

y'all hoes done f~cked up
b~tch, don't make me come out, wig in a rubber band (band)

slap a b~tch down with the f~ck sh~t
i'm talkin' to you hoe
y'all hoes better turn up

enough is enough, b~tch
city girls with the f~ck sh~t
nah, don't blame it on you drunk b~tch (nah)
see we can wylin', hoe
the whole clique gon' follow hoe (b~tch)
be at your door like dominoes
and your main n~gga love me (haha)
bruh been tryna f~ck me
for the bread, walk him like a puppy (walk him)
it ain't no love for you both side playin' hoes
play with your kids or the radio, b~tch
another comma, millionaire status
a cool one, twenty on the patek
dope b~tch, magic
i live a poor b~tch dreams (yeah)
coco chanel me, please

y'all hoes too dangerous (dangerous)
in my comments, talkin' crazy (crazy)
but i can't make no b~tch famous (nah)
city girls ain't changing
but sh~t, how could you blame me? (blame me)
being me made me famous
titties sittin', no sports bra (yeah)
f~ck a n~gga in a sports car (skrrt)
spike his drink at a sports bar
y'all hoes make me sick
always cuffin' tricks
calling phones, talkin' sl!ck
lil' b~tch, who taught you?
mama should abort you
if you in my view, i would've pulled up and fought you
but i'm way up, you b~tches too low
new ass, new t~~th, b~tch
check out the glow (period)

b~tch, don't make put my wig in a rubber band (band)
slap a b~tch down with the f~ck sh~t (f~ck sh~t)
y'all hoes better turn up

didn't think b~tches like us could do better
from dade county, straight to coach~lla
my heart cold, better bring two sweaters
and your best b~tch, we'll take whoever
gutter b~tch, grace the cover of the billboards
locked up, nominated, bet awards
city girls, talk that sh~t they scream
real ass b~tch, i ain't flex for streams
i'm fresh out, n~ggas comin' in varieties
i'm fightin' loss, fightin' demons and anxiety
i really used to sleep on palettes
now i'm sittin' in the condo like it's a palace

main b~tch locked up, had to hold it down (down)
with a baby in my stomach at the rolling loud (facts)
uh, kept you b~tches out my game room (period)
'cause y'all the same fake hoes from the shade room (shade room)
i came from runnin' outta stores to awards shows (blessed)
my momma we made it, can't wait 'til you come
shoutout my hans', i was preganant, i was seven months (d~mn)
me and baby son was too blessed up (blessed up)
now everybody want a verse from us
all the trappers wanna go and cop a purse for us
bought a bag to the hood when i touchdown (touchdown)
did this sh~t for dade county', yeah we up now

miami, don't make me put this wig in a
rubber band again (wig in a rubber band again)
still the same, ain't changed, just changed where i live
(ain't changed, just changed where i live)

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