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Chloe - Heart Shaped Necklace MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i will take you into this heart of mine
i won't break you i'll keep your heart in line
i will kiss you until the stars align
i will make you, i will make you mine

beautiful chocolate skin makes my mind thunder
do you desire me oh, oh i wonder
i need you for forever will you come through?
wearing a heart around my neck because i love you
angel kisses, my name for life
freckles on my face they twinkle when you take a bite
a future with me plus you, ooh it looks so bright
man i can't think of nothing better in a day, in a night, then watching you come alive…..

and i'm rocking with you, and i'm rocking with ou, and i'm rocking with you
i stay on top of the view, you catch me looking at you, hang with indi tha blu
i throw my shoes in the gr-ss, take a look at the sky, smoke a bit with my crew
it can only be two, just me and you, let's listen to badu

badu and vibe, badu and vibe
i feel so high, i feel so high
i feel so shy so i just lie
you don't even try
badu and vibe, badu and vibe
i feel so high, i think i can fly
i feel so shy so i have to lie
you don't, you don't even try

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