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Chicago - King Of Might Have Been MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

what have i done?
and why do people run away
from what they really want?
she… she was the one
i know it now, just like a blind man
feels the setting sun.
once upon a time
i had everything i ever wanted
everything i'd need
the more she tried to give me
the more i took for granted
her majesty, and i can’t believe…
oh, it’s really over now
and i’ve got to live without
the love i’ll never have again
if this is what losing means
well, then i’ve lost everything
now i’m the… king of might have been.
i’m all alone
with a hundred percent of nothing now
just a fool upon his throne,
she’s… she’s moving on
she’s gonna be somebody’s everything
and i hope that he knows…
that all she ever needed
was the chance to be completed
and to feel the light of love,
what should've been, what could've been,
doesn’t matter now
she’s history
and i can’t believe…
if i could do it all again
i would never let it end
i'd fight for us
if i just had one more chance

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