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Chicago - Holdin On MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

walkin' through time
reachin' for yesterday
'cause we're frightened of tomorrow
trying to find
the feeling that's gone astray, far away
i remember the look in your eyes
love we made unafraid
now we've opened the window
so let's not close the shade
holdin' on
'cause the memory of you
is something i just can't erase
holdin' on
i don't know what to do
'cause the pieces won't fit into place
but no matter what happens
we can't let it end this way

so far away
so close to something new
but we're holdin' off tomorrow
maybe someday
we'll find what we need to do, until then
we'll be doing the best that we can
out of rhyme, out of time
while we're hiding our feelings
we're leaving love behind
far away
reachin' for yesterday
so far away
something has gone away
so afraid
to find what we had

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