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Chicago - Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[part i: make me smile]

[verse 1: bill champlin]
children play in the park, they don't know
i'm alone in the dark, even though
time and time again i see your face smiling inside~ide

[chorus 1: bandmates, (bill champlin), all]
i'm so happy (yes, i am, baby)
that you love me (i am too)
life is lovely (ah ahh)
when you're near me (oh oh, tell me)
tell me you will stay?
make me smile

[verse 2: bill champlin]
living life is just a game, so they say, hey
all the games we used to play
fade away, ooh
we may now enjoy those dreams we shared so long ago

[chorus 2: bandmates, (bill champlin), all]
oh, my darling (listen, listen, listen to me, girl)
got to have you (i gotta have you, mama)
feel the magic (ooh ooh whoa)
when i hold you (hold you)
cry sweet tears of joy
touch the sky
[brass solo]

[guitar solo]

[part ii: so much to say, so much to give]

[verse: robert lamm, with bandmates]
so hard to be
free to
love only you
staring at me
try to
take you away
there's no
time to delay
we've got to live for today, yeah
i've got
so much to give
and there is
so much to say
night after night
day after day
in spite of our words
they all turn away
[part iii: anxiety's moment]


[part iv: west virginia fantasies]


[part v: colour my world]

[verse: terry kath]
as time goes on
i realize
just what you mean
to me
and now
now that you're near
promise your love
that i've waited to share
and dreams
of our moments together
color my world
with hope of loving you

[part vi: to be free]

[part vii: now more than ever]

[reprise: bill champlin]
now i need you
more than ever
no more crying
we're together
tell me you will stay
make me smile

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