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Charlie Puth - Back To Your Heart MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[intro: charlie puth]
this is a song about how i used to get really scared around girls
and it goes like this

[chorus: jackson 5 sample (charlie puth)]
won't you please let me
back to your heart?
(yeah, alright)
won't you please let me (i'm gonna go in now, this is me going in)
(here we go)
back to your heart (okay)

[verse 1: charlie puth]
'04, seventh grade
high top adidas and i thought i had game
but it turns out that i didn't and i learned the hard way
when i walked up to this girly and i asked her “what's your name?”
she said “don't, stop! why are you talking to me?
you're the new kid in town and you look like you're three
and it's easy to see by your pale–ss skin
that you're always home alone, mccauley caulkin”
i need consultin' for all of my fears
'cause i didn't have another girl for four more years
and they gave me every one of their gracing chances
paid no attention to all their advances
but freshman in college i found my first love
and i took her out to dinner and i thanked the gods above
but when she went to give me a kiss had a pain in my stomach
too much food, had to vomit
(ugh, we should do this again sometime — blugh)

[chorus: jackson 5 sample (charlie puth)]
(ugh, i swear this never happens)
won't you please let me
back to your heart
(oh baby please give me another chance! we could go to the good-house garden)
won't you please let me (yeah)
back to your heart

[verse 2: mike ballz]
mike ballz did it, oh!
oh d-mn
these girls all -ssessing me
in a line-up, but they ain't selecting me
i'm too obedient and missing one ingredient
i need a little l-o-v-e up in this recipe (yup)
but they say “nice guys finish last”
so i gotta be an -ss if i win my cl-ss
nah, nope, i just can't do it
maybe they'll be feeling me now i that make some music
maybe not, i'll go right till i'm famous
flaunt all of my swag, i'll snag me at a-list
hey, taylor swift, are you feeling this?
give a rapper a chance
somebody make sure that she's hearing this
but i'm for real, shit, i just need a chance
seventh grade girls were laughing at me when i ripped my pants
i'm no brad pitt or george clooney
but i'm a real dude that can make your life feel like a movie

[chorus: jackson 5 sample (mike ballz and charlie puth)]
(well, uh, probably a low budget movie, actually)
won't you please let me (yeah)
back to your heart (with… with a lot less special effects)
(but, it'll be really cool)
won't you please let me
(you probably wouldn't die in the end)

[breakdown: charlie puth, mike ballz and the jackson 6]
ladies, this your chance
(grape jam)
put up your hands
(or any other body part)
wave 'em side to side
let's ride
(eh, that was lame)
it's mike ballz, baby
it's mike ballz, baby
it's mike ballz, baby
it's charlie puth, baby
it's mike ballz, and charlie puth (oh no)
we're chilling up in that booth
(john wilkes)
but it's not really a booth
'cause it's just in his living room
(very convenient)
it's right next to the kitchen
yo, charlie, what you dishing?
(domino's pizza)
do you watch the dishes (won't you please let me)
'cause you got some dishes in your sink
that sucks
wash your dishes, son
(charlie puth, b-tch)

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