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Chance The Rapper - Ssssss MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

shouts to sc
good doctors
pat, this hot -ss apartment
and that weak -ss beer

[verse 1]
yo, yo, gots to show
that this young n-gga gots to blow
what, what's good
heard you got back home and
you looking for a little thing to get on but

[hook: chance the rapper]
what's good
what's good with you
what's good
what's good with you
what's good
what's good with you
what's good with you
what's good with you

[verse 2]
i'm coming back with true force
came back from new york
watching the two doors
hop outta the two door
she told me that grandma got some tumors
and she just got two more
i'm asking ma
what you knew [?]
she said oo lord oo lord
where we going
where we going back now
i heard that you had to back down
from a couple different deals
and now you taking pills
and now you in [?]
and your b-tches [?]
that sh-t dope
get a house in the hills
i ask her if she need a couple meals
i told def i need a couple mil
they ain't give me the kanye treatment
gave them a video
a hard -ss treatment
gave them something
and i [?]
you know i'm out tweaking
and every weekend
i'm feeling so decent
i'm calling the deacon

what's good
what's church
what's word, my n-gga
i just had to swerve, my n-gga
a little weed and some liquor, my n-gga
i'm going off the top of them words, my n-gga
we lost at sea
i'm… did it really stop?
i'm sorry

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