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Cg5 - Tubbos Song MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

dropped out of college
found myself a whole new realm of knowledge
foraging for sounds that i can rhyme with orange
look i'm a simple gatherer among a world of hunters
not clout chasing (?) i'd rather gaze at cows and feel the comforts
uh, oh
trending tab hope this won't be ending bad
checking ~n~lytics is like working in a forensic lab
oh lord
it's getting hot
i'm too young for a credit card
and i crashed the very first time i drove my parents' car
teardrops we made friends between screens and deep seas
still hard, fourteen
scream my ears off
you might believe it a life full of streaming is real tough
it feels rough sometimes
but that's the real stuff
day by day
putting on a brave face
playing games taking pain straight away
maybe made mistakes but it's a~okay
we all need to take a break
so i'll be chilling when the tide is low
cause i wanna take it slow
and i can't sing the next note
but i brought a bro

just trying to keep my life afloat but never quite coping
i feel the heat beneath my collar whenever im joking
nervous people aren't really evil though
some just wanna watch you burn
so you're on edge and sweating
dreading making wrong turns
im treading on eggsh~lls
laying on a bed of nails
don't you take a wrong step or else you'll get impaled
im just a happy guy paddling through the angry tide
online emotions amplified
i try to let it pass me by
can't keep everybody satisfied pacified pitied
my frazzled and distracted mind is acting like a satellite
so many transmissions
every day im (?)
wishing (?) was just a bit different
i know i shouldn't complain at the end of the day but it's a british tradition

if im gonna be honest i need a little place to breathe
and im living and loving my life by the sea
if im gonna be honest i need a little bit of a breeze
and im living and loving my life by the sea

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